Portland says streetcars are for developers, not transportation

"A successful Streetcar System will ... Provide an organizing structure and catalyst for the City's future growth along streetcar corridors" and a "successful Streetcar Corridor will ... Have (re)development potential [and] community support to make the changes necessary [redevelopment & growth] for a successful streetcar corridor."

Here is the original text from http://www.portlandonline.com/transportation/index.cfm?c=46138&


The Project

According to Metro growth projections, the City of Portland's population is expected to increase by approximately 300,000, and the region's population by about 1 million, by 2030. As the City of Portland prepares for this growth, development opportunities that can take advantage of transit, including streetcar, must be a part of the solution. The Portland Office of Transportation's Streetcar System Plan (SSP) project will create plans for a citywide network of streetcar corridors, as well as an implementation strategy. The SSP will be coordinated with City and regional agency land use and transportation planning policies and objectives. Final decisions regarding where and when specific corridors will be built will be determined over many years after this process is completed.

Along with Commissioner Sam Adams, the SSP Project Team have identified six goals for the project -- three for the development of the overall streetcar system and three for the evaluation of potential streetcar corridors.

A successful Streetcar System will:
* Help the City implement its peak oil and sustainability strategies
* Provide an organizing structure and catalyst for the City's future growth aqlong streetcar corridors
* Integrate streetcar corridors into the City's existing neighborhoods

A successful Streetcar Corridor will:
* Be a viable transit option with adequate ridership
* Have (re)development potential
* demonstrate community support to make the changes necessary for a successful streetcar corridor

For more information, please contact us at portlandstreetcarplan@pdxtrans.org.