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This booklet was produced to oppose abuses of urban renewal in California
Much of it is relevant to Portland:
  • Schools suffer

  • Favored developers

  • Corporate welfare

  • Bonded Debt without voter approval

  • Business Subsidies

  • Blight is everywhere (blight is required condition to establish urban renewal district)

  • Taxes diverted away from crucial government services.

Urban Renewal Resources


CASTLE COALITION - Activists fighting eminent domain abuse. The Castle Coalition is an effort by activists to take matters into their own hands. It was inspired by watching several communities defeat seemingly unstoppable projects to take homes and businesses to give to other private parties...

INSTITUTE FOR JUSTICE - The Institute for Justice sues governments when they stand in the way of entrepreneurs who seek to earn an honest living free from arbitrary and oppressive government interference. They litigate on behalf of individuals whose private property rights are threatened by government excesses...

MORR (Municipal Officials for Redevelopment Reform) - Publishers of the renowned report on California eminent domain and Redevelopment Agencies. MORR website contains documents and relating to redevelopment, with details on its successes, problems, and consequences. (Website not updated frequently)...