Long Term Solutions 

Based on current abuses that cut off critical services, we suggest these restrictions on the power of city government:

  • Forbid the giving of subsidies to any corporation for any purpose whatsoever. (End corporate welfare) .

  • Refer all bond issues to the electorate. (Prevents bonds, like Urban Renewal & PGE Park, without our approval)

  • All property transactions must be at fair market value. (prevents hidden subsidies)

  • No agency can charge more for services than the actual cost. (keeps power of the purse strings with voters)

  • All zoning changes shall be with the consent of the residents of the area. (Preserves neighborhood character).

  • All previous zoning changes, made without the consent of the residents, shall require resident's consent or they must change back to previous zones. (Reclaims neighborhood character).

  • Region's transportation money shall go to the lowest cost (to government), proven, traffic congestion reduction technology.