For the Media

I will make all of the data that I got from the county available to any media or serious researcher. Email to (It is two .xls files, one of which is about 8 meg)

A friend suggested that someone should knock on the door of a few upscale, tax abated, $450,000, condos and ask the owner how they like living in publicly subsidised housing. This should be done on-camera.

We have heard that our former governor, lives in the Pearl district. Tax abated?

Can we recover some of the abatements? Perhaps a special tax that just happens to hit them?

Can an urban renewal district be shut down? Is there a pot of money there?

The 2002-03 TSCC Annual Report (county's TSCC web site) shows the PDC at page: 103: "Property Held For Sale    $41,453,475". Is this still there? Can it be sold? Can the money be given to the general fund?

We would like to see someone look up the people behind the various corporations that get exemptions and see if there are any contributions to politicians. And the timing of these contributions in relation to the granting of the exemption, where the exemption is not automatic.