More Millions - wasted?

PGE Park - why government shouldn't try to run a business.

More Development Spending

Portland School District #1

Massive Waste In Local Government

There was almost 20-30 million in waste at the water bureau alone:
"the city's losses, estimated to total from $20 million to $30 million"
"The water and sewer bureaus say they have absorbed most of the system- related losses through budget cuts."

If the water bureau saved most of $20-30 million, how much waste is there in other departments?
Shouldn't they cut this waste BEFORE raising our taxes?

Just Plain Incompetence

Plans to spend even more

$500 million to pay for the first phase without a public vote.  $35 million from the Clackamas Town Center urban renewal district and a $40 million pledge from Portland.

Leaving Our Children In Debt

Pondering horse barns, horse laughs

State of Oregon

Exemptions, Contributions & City Hall: Clout For Sale?

How Long Will Our Recession Last?