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Property Tax: $146.74
Asking price: $1,975,000.00   

Property Tax: $146.74
Market Value: $841,890.00

Asking price based on MLS data October 25, 2003  Full address is 601 N.W. 11th, Portland Oregon
Here is the actual Multnomah County tax record

Here is the actual Multnomah County tax record

What gets a break

$53.5 million tax money diverted

$27.5 Million Tax Lost Due to Exemptions

$32 Million for Development & Planning

More Photos & Links to tax records

Did you know/:
Most of Downtown is Urban Renewal


What Does it Cost YOU?

What about Affordable housing?


How they wasted more millions

Quotes from Metro & City Documents

 Proposals For Sustainable Finance

Alternative Minimum Property Tax

Long Term Solutions 

Other stuff

Posters of Tax Exempt Property

MAX vs Fire Truck

Transit Energy vs Car Energy

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Metro: some criticism


Land Use Resources

North Macadam

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Climate Change Info

The Katz Picture

Traffic Calming (speed bumps etc)

The American Dream Coalition

Videos about city planner's mistakes

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Urban Renewal Abuses
Download This scathing criticism of Urban Renewal abuses in California (Much is relevant to Portland)

News Clips

Portland proposes $24 to $29 million for tram

Property taxes on Pearl District condo - $163 per year

Portland dumps $15 million more into the Pearl district.
(aside: PDC spends $307 million this year)

Asking price: $1,975,000,  property tax:  $147

The Oregonian on Homer Williams

$841,890 condo pays $147 property tax

Portland Gives Another Property Tax Exemption

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VERA KATZ, MAYOR  (503)823-4120   mayorkatz@ci.portland.or.us

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